Hair Rescue: At the time of purchase , the kids prefer to play

Friday, December 13, 2013

At the time of purchase , the kids prefer to play

The permanent increase in online shopping has sparked dire predictions about the future of conventional stores .
However, it seems that the rumors of his imminent demise were somewhat exaggerated , now electronic commerce is increasingly opening physical stores.

This new trend , which has been dubbed in English with names like "clicks to bricks " ( the
clicks to bricks ) , seems to be injecting some energy to the main shopping areas of the world.
A study in the United States on the buying habits of young people between 18 and 25 years old, suggests that more than two thirds of them exactly, -68 % prefer to go to the shops when they need to buy clothes or shoes .
" Connoisseurs of retail sales have overestimated the use of digital and online technology when shopping and the truth is that we like to go to the stores ," says Nicole Flasch - Mihalko of LIM College of Manhattan , which conducted the survey by the National Retail Federation in the U.S.
Now online brands are moving in this direction .
In the UK, the menswear brand Orlebar Brown- maker famous swimsuit Daniel Craig wore in the James Bond film , Skyfall , has recently opened three stores in London.

A physical site offers buyers the opportunity to touch, feel and taste the goods. And for luxury brands in particular , this is very important .

For example , Rapha , which began as an online business in 2004 selling clothes for high performance cyclists , opened its first store , which is also a club in San Francisco - cyclists in 2011.

Now it also has branches in London , Osaka , New York and Sydney .
Rapha says his stores have been a big hit with your customers, not only for the merchandise they offer but also be a place where you can absorb the cycling culture : coffee , sign up for bike rides in major races and see screens giants.
"The clubs of cyclists are seen as places where race fans and other like-minded individuals can share ," says the executive director of Rapha, Simon Mottram .
" Rapha is the host and that's great : the brand is able to design connections between clients and not just between the client and the brand."
To Mottram , shops Rapha are also helping to better understand their customers .
" For Brands is difficult to relate to their customers in a purely digital form . That may work if the business involves simple transactions , but if you really want to connect with the person and create a deep and abiding relationship with her, then the physical experience is invaluable " .
" A lot of people like to shop at stores really. There exists the possibility to interact and that can not be underestimated ."
Is emerging a new retail model , " with brands that have a website where focus most purchases and a series of physical contact experiences in addition to this platform, which allows the customer to engage with the brand."

us shops are much more than places where cyclists buy.
" A journey "
To Bec Clarke , founder and executive director of the jewelers Astley Clarke , is a matter of " allowing customers to buy the way they like ."
Your company has experienced rapid growth in online and now has opened a showroom and shop at its headquarters in London.
Also caters to a large number of department stores in the UK and in the coming months also plans to supply products to major U.S. stores .
" Buying jewelry requires a long process of reflection ," says Clarke, sitting on one of the sofas in the firm located in the luxurious showroom.
"It's a trip: Jewel prove , I think , put it back to try ... We need to allow our customers to experience this process," he says .
"It is also important that they can enjoy our customized service : Customers like to see and touch the precious stones."
" Although the heart of our business is online, we have a focus " agnostic front channels " ( a concept that assumes that the business is not focused on a single distribution channel) which is where the world is moving now " .
Blurring boundaries

This trend is good news for owners of vacant units for rent and for new online businesses , says Ross Bailey , founder and CEO of the company Appear Here ( shown here).
His company brings together shop owners and ecommerce entrepreneurs , with the goal of electronic stores can rent a temporary or permanent physical location , more easily and flexibly .
" The temporary stores can help build the brand. Yourself known only online can be very difficult and expensive ," he says .
" But if it gets out of the network - even for a short period of time, buyers will enjoy the interaction and share their experiences through Twitter or any other social network. And this can create a storm."
Some brands of electronic commerce are also trying to call " shopping guides " which allow buyers to arrange pieces and then tested via the Internet and request a delivery.
The men's clothing brand Bonobos is leading this phenomenon and guides opened stores throughout the United States. Apparently , the channels are blurring more and more.
The founder and CEO of Bonobos , Andy Dunn , argues that this is the future of the sale, but "is also the past."
"When you look at retailers who are thriving in this environment , we found that the brands are focused on providing a strong service experience ."
" That's one of the ironies of our time that digital media , internet , are making the shopping experience more human ."

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