Hair Rescue: Bad habits that could cost you the job

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bad habits that could cost you the job

Be negative, unproductive , and have few manners to send an email inappropriately, may be grounds for dismissal.
Therefore Forbes consulted with experts frequently for job loss and habits that should be avoided more reasons.

1. Lying is one of the most frequent reasons for dismissal . People who lie , so be on issues that seem unimportant demonstrate dishonesty .
2. Procrastination and tardiness may also cost him his job . When extending the duties at work can cause discomfort to colleagues.
3. Negativity , when it becomes constant , generates discomfort with the head and more with colleagues .
4. Use email incorrectly: not answer messages, rude or do not review it carelessly and frequently could mean losing important meetings or dates are unknown to deliver a project .
5. Addiction to social networks and spend much time on websites that do not apply to work for at least productive worker . Many have lost their jobs for neglecting their duties.
6. A bad body language can also be grounds for dismissal. When eye contact is avoided or not given firm hand to greet the boss or colleagues , you can perceive an unsafe or perhaps rude person .
7. The lack of attention or do distract peers can often be cause for dismissal.
8. Inappropriate language can see the employee as an ignorant , so it is recommended not talk as if you were at home or at a party .
9. The ' lone wolf syndrome ' is a common factor at work , so you must learn to work together. Independence is often good , but not when it comes to being a successful employee .
10. The ' tantrums ' may cause loss of work in an instant to anyone.
11. The lack of manners in employment reveals much of what you are as a person . Always say " please and thank you " , otherwise , you can give a negative impression and gross .
12 The inefficiency , disorganization , loss of time and talking too reveal an inefficient worker.

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